BBBmix Dark Choc Brownies
RM 19.00 - RM 35.00
Gloriously decadent dark choc brownies formulated based on our all time bestseller since 2011 , the Dark Choc Brownies (DCB) with simplifed steps. NO mixer, NO scale and NO experience required. This brownie treat will turn you into an instant hero. Score brownie points when you bake the perfect dark chocolate brownies with crusty top and fudgy texture underneath. Best served with ice cream or Qaramella, salted caramel sauce.
Contains 2 packs in a pack
1 pack of dark chocolate
1 pack of premix flour
Preparation time : +- 5 minutes
*Based on our all time bestseller, the dark choc brownies.
How To
For 300g 7" Brownies
What you need:
125g of Good Butter.
2 Eggs
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence/Extract
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